Another Motion Filed to judge Holly Marie Newman Derenthal

Yet Another Motion Filed to corrupt judge, piece of shit, criminal belongs in prison, Osceola county judge Holly Marie Newman Derenthal again proving her violations of the law and hypocrisy! See the man hating compulsive lying scumbags around Donald’s wife including her corrupt lawyers Jennifer Jane Watson and Sara Vance that are good friends with corrupt judge Holly N Derenthal keep claiming “res judicata” which those that don’t know states in law that you can not argue something that has already been litigated in a previous hearing.

Whats funny is though these compulsive lying leftist man hating women only use this law when it benefits them but don’t follow it when it hurts them because a fair male judge already made the proper decision on that matter. Read this motion OWNING this piece of shit failed whore, failed wife, failed mother, corrupt judge Holly N Derenthal.

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