As the owner of Keller Williams Realty and why I cant fire Michael Joseph Derenthal

Please understand me as the very wealthy owner of Keller Williams Realty I didn’t get to where I am now just being honest and hiring law abiding nice people. I not only do shady deals and I am corrupt but I hire corrupt mafia government employees. So I just got sent the wiki page you made on my employee Michael Joseph Derenthal at and while I think its disgusting I just cant fire him because his exwife is well connected and very corrupt judge Holly N Derenthal which by the way you should work on her page

Another reason I cant fire him is being a openly gay man I have many sexual relationships with my male employees and Michel Derenthal happens to be one of them and I like him because he f-ck a person in the asz and even has the goddamn common courtesy to give me a reach-around.

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