ATTENTION All employees and professors of FSU Florida State University

If you found your name here or were sent this page through social media or email we want to let you know about the dirty slutty criminal Anna Lane Derenthal that goes to your school.

We want to let you know that she is part of the Derenthal crime family and supports corruption, treason, terrorism and child abuse.  Her mother Holly Marie Newman Derenthal is a corrupt Osceola county court child abusing judge in the Kissimmee courthouse that needs to be put in prison for life for her crimes.

If you see her in class know that she likes to smokes drugs and take it in every hole also. She also  has a Onlyfans account if you didnt know.

Adams, Jonathan Profile Picture

Adams, Jonathan


Alexander, Chelsea Profile Picture

Alexander, Chelsea

Clinical Audiologist

Amos-Tata, Kimberly Profile Picture

Amos-Tata, Kimberly

Assistant Director – Academic & Student Services

Baeg, Jung Hoon Profile Picture

Baeg, Jung Hoon

Teaching Faculty I

Bailey, Rachel L. Profile Picture

Bailey, Rachel L.

Associate Professor, Director of Doctoral Studies

Banner, Shawn Profile Picture

Banner, Shawn

Asst Dir, Technology Services / Adjunct Faculty

Barnes-Mitchell, J Profile Picture

Barnes-Mitchell, J

Student Program Coordinator

Barrager, Jane Profile Picture

Barrager, Jane

Instructional Specialist III

Barton-Hulsey, Andrea Profile Picture

Barton-Hulsey, Andrea

Assistant Professor

Batlle, Roger Profile Picture

Batlle, Roger

Webmaster / Video / Photo

Brooks, Mafé Profile Picture

Brooks, Mafé

Assistant Dean of Development

Brown, LaToya Profile Picture

Brown, LaToya

Office Administrator

Bruker, Malia Profile Picture

Bruker, Malia

Associate Professor

Bunz, Ulla Profile Picture

Bunz, Ulla

Associate Professor, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Burnett, Gary Profile Picture

Burnett, Gary


Burnett, Kathleen Profile Picture

Burnett, Kathleen

F. William Summers Professor

Burnett, Mary Profile Picture

Burnett, Mary

Medical Support Assistant

Bush, Erin Profile Picture

Bush, Erin

Assistant Professor

Catts, Hugh Profile Picture

Catts, Hugh

Professor, SCSD

Chapa, Sindy Profile Picture

Chapa, Sindy

Associate Professor & Director of the Hispanic Marketing Center

Chatmon, Christy Profile Picture

Chatmon, Christy

Assistant Professor

Clayton, Russell B. Profile Picture

Clayton, Russell B.

Associate Professor, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Honors Liaison

Constantino, Christopher Profile Picture

Constantino, Christopher

Assistant Professor

Cortese, Juliann Profile Picture

Cortese, Juliann

Associate Professor, Director of Master’s Studies

Crass, Kimberlee Profile Picture

Crass, Kimberlee

Teaching Faculty I, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, NSSLHA Faculty Advisor

Crawford, Betsy Profile Picture

Crawford, Betsy

Development Coordinator

Cripe, Kat Profile Picture

Cripe, Kat

Media Tech

Dale, Katherine Profile Picture

Dale, Katherine

Assistant Professor

Davis, Marie Profile Picture

Davis, Marie

Human Resources Department Manager

Deason, Jinger Profile Picture

Deason, Jinger

Graduate Program Director – Distance Learning; Clinical Placement Coordinator; Teaching I

Dennis, Larry Profile Picture

Dennis, Larry


Densmore, Michaela Profile Picture

Densmore, Michaela

Data Analyst

Dorn, Rebekah Profile Picture

Dorn, Rebekah

Adjunct Faculty

Ellison, Omar Profile Picture

Ellison, Omar

Academic Program Specialist

Escobar, Kristie Profile Picture

Escobar, Kristie

Adjunct Faculty

Everhart, Nancy Profile Picture

Everhart, Nancy


Farquharson, Kelly Profile Picture

Farquharson, Kelly

Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator (TLH Campus); Director, Children’s Liter

Ferchaud, Arienne Profile Picture

Ferchaud, Arienne

Assistant Professor

Gaines, Crasharra Profile Picture

Gaines, Crasharra

Grants Specialist

Gainous-Rivers, Katrina Profile Picture

Gainous-Rivers, Katrina

Financial Specialist

Garbarino, Jim Profile Picture

Garbarino, Jim

Instructional Specialist

George, Harold Profile Picture

George, Harold

Adjunct Professor

Gibradze, Leila Profile Picture

Gibradze, Leila

Information and Information Technology Librarian, Assistant Director of Innovation Hub

Grant, Megan Profile Picture

Grant, Megan

Academic Advisor

Graves, Toby Profile Picture

Graves, Toby

Instructional Specialist

Graves, Brian Profile Picture

Graves, Brian

Associate Professor

Greenhill, Rebecca Profile Picture

Greenhill, Rebecca

Teaching Faculty I – Clinical Instructor; Distance Learning Graduate Program Academic Advi

Gross, Melissa Profile Picture

Gross, Melissa


Guynes, Kristen Profile Picture

Guynes, Kristen

Teaching Faculty I

Guynes, Casey Profile Picture

Guynes, Casey

Teaching Faculty

Hall-Mills, Shannon Profile Picture

Hall-Mills, Shannon

Assistant Professor

Hamilton, Dana Profile Picture

Hamilton, Dana

Administrative Support Assistant

Hamza, Yasmeen Profile Picture

Hamza, Yasmeen

Assistant Professor

Haywood, Chanta Profile Picture

Haywood, Chanta

Teaching Faculty

He, Zhe Profile Picture

He, Zhe

Associate Professor

Hemingway, Joseph Profile Picture

Hemingway, Joseph

Adjunct Professor

Henry, Avery Profile Picture

Henry, Avery

Teaching Faculty

Hinnant, Chris Profile Picture

Hinnant, Chris

Director, School of Information & Associate Professor

Hinnant, Lynne Profile Picture

Hinnant, Lynne

Teaching Faculty III

Hinson-Turner, Natashia Profile Picture

Hinson-Turner, Natashia

Graduate Academic Program Specialist

Hoover, Tina Profile Picture

Hoover, Tina

Office Administrator

Houck, Davis Profile Picture

Houck, Davis

Fannie Lou Hamer Professor of Rhetorical Studies

Howard, Elaine Profile Picture

Howard, Elaine

Development Coordinator, Office of the Dean

Johnson, Catherine Profile Picture

Johnson, Catherine

Adjunct Clinic Faculty

Johnson, Lakeisha Profile Picture

Johnson, Lakeisha

Assistant Professor

Jones, Faye Profile Picture

Jones, Faye

Faculty Researcher II

Jordan Jackson, Felecia F. Profile Picture

Jordan Jackson, Felecia F.

Associate Professor

Jowett, Mark Profile Picture

Jowett, Mark

Teaching Faculty III

Kander, Kirby Profile Picture

Kander, Kirby

Director of Seminole Productions

Kazmer, Michelle Profile Picture

Kazmer, Michelle

Professor & Dean

Kekelis, Jennifer Profile Picture

Kekelis, Jennifer

Assistant Director – Academic & Student Services

Kelly, Kelly Profile Picture

Kelly, Kelly

Teaching Faculty

Khan-Hohensee, Jason Profile Picture

Khan-Hohensee, Jason

Assistant Director

Kim, Yunjung Profile Picture

Kim, Yunjung

Associate Professor

Knight, Carla Profile Picture

Knight, Carla

Academic Advisor

Koontz, Christine Profile Picture

Koontz, Christine

Adjunct Professor

Lansford, Kaitlin Profile Picture

Lansford, Kaitlin

Associate Professor

Latham, Don Profile Picture

Latham, Don


Lau, Chris Profile Picture

Lau, Chris

Graduate Academic Program Specialist

Laurents, Michelle Profile Picture

Laurents, Michelle

Teaching Professor

Lee, Jaejin Profile Picture

Lee, Jaejin

Associate Professor, IMC Area Head

Levine, Rachel Profile Picture

Levine, Rachel

Academic Support Assistant

Levine, Robert Profile Picture

Levine, Robert

Director of Production Support

Lustria, Mia Liza A. Profile Picture

Lustria, Mia Liza A.


Madden, Elizabeth B. Profile Picture

Madden, Elizabeth B.

Assistant Professor

Mardis, Marcia A. Profile Picture

Mardis, Marcia A.

Professor; Associate Dean for Research

Marks, John Profile Picture

Marks, John

Teaching Faculty III

Martin, Danyele Profile Picture

Martin, Danyele

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Marty, Paul Profile Picture

Marty, Paul


McDowell, Stephen D. Profile Picture

McDowell, Stephen D.

Assistant Provost
John H. Phipps Professor of Communication

Merle, Patrick Profile Picture

Merle, Patrick

Associate Professor, School Director

Metcalfe, Shuyuan Profile Picture

Metcalfe, Shuyuan

Associate Professor

Mon, Lorri Profile Picture

Mon, Lorri

Associate Professor

Montgomery, Tricia Profile Picture

Montgomery, Tricia

Teaching III Faculty, Director of Clinical Education & Director – FSU Speech & Hearing Cli

Morris, Richard Profile Picture

Morris, Richard

Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Advancement

Mosher, Amy Profile Picture

Mosher, Amy

Academic Program Specialist

New, Chris Profile Picture

New, Chris

Academic Advisor

Ngampornchai, Anchalee Profile Picture

Ngampornchai, Anchalee

Associate Director for Assessment and Articulation

Nimmons, Ellen M. Profile Picture

Nimmons, Ellen M.

Teaching Faculty III, Clinical Faculty Instructor

Nudd, Donna Marie Profile Picture

Nudd, Donna Marie


Opel, Andy Profile Picture

Opel, Andy


Ott, Brooke Profile Picture

Ott, Brooke

Teaching Faculty I – Clinical Instructor

Pagan, Cherie Profile Picture

Pagan, Cherie

Research Director of Finance

Pigford, Leah Profile Picture

Pigford, Leah

Administrative Specialist

Powell, April Profile Picture

Powell, April

Adjunct Faculty

Proffitt, Jennifer Profile Picture

Proffitt, Jennifer


Randeree, Ebrahim Profile Picture

Randeree, Ebrahim

Associate Dean, Finance & Administration

Rankin, Yolanda Profile Picture

Rankin, Yolanda

Assistant Professor

Ray, Elizabeth Profile Picture

Ray, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor

Reist, Aimee Profile Picture

Reist, Aimee

Managing Director and Instructional Specialist III

Romano, Mollie Profile Picture

Romano, Mollie

Associate Professor

Rowland, Brandon Profile Picture

Rowland, Brandon

Grants Compliance Analyst

Saintange, Sandysia Profile Picture

Saintange, Sandysia

Administrative assistant

Saludo, Ren Profile Picture

Saludo, Ren

iSchool Emerging Technologies Librarian, Assistant Director of Design and New Technologies

Sampson, Shonda Profile Picture

Sampson, Shonda

Assoc. Dir, Administrative Svcs

Sasser, Linda Profile Picture

Sasser, Linda

Teaching III, Clinic Faculty, Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Auditory Verbal Th

Sculley, Andrea Profile Picture

Sculley, Andrea

Program Associate

Sharp, Carol Profile Picture

Sharp, Carol

Academic Support Assistant

Sheffield, Nicole Profile Picture

Sheffield, Nicole

Program Associate

Siriwardena, Michael Profile Picture

Siriwardena, Michael

Smith, Ariel Profile Picture

Smith, Ariel

Accounting Specialist, Seminole Productions

Snowden, Selena Profile Picture

Snowden, Selena

Teaching Faculty III, Director of Audiology Services

Sprinkle, Robert Profile Picture

Sprinkle, Robert

Stahlman, Gretchen Profile Picture

Stahlman, Gretchen

Assistant Professor

Stewart, Chuckie Profile Picture

Stewart, Chuckie

Director of Engineering

Stratton, Caroline Profile Picture

Stratton, Caroline

Assistant Professor

Stvilia, Besiki Profile Picture

Stvilia, Besiki


Sullivan, Margaret Profile Picture

Sullivan, Margaret

Assistant Professor

Sulollari, Shpresa Profile Picture

Sulollari, Shpresa

Administrative Associate

Swaine, Nicholas Profile Picture

Swaine, Nicholas

Adjunct Faculty

Therrien, Michelle Profile Picture

Therrien, Michelle

Assistant Professor

Tibi, Sana Profile Picture

Tibi, Sana

Associate Professor

von Hollen, Lucas Profile Picture

von Hollen, Lucas

Teaching Faculty I

Walsh, Michael Profile Picture

Walsh, Michael

Marketing & Comm Coordinator

Waters, Richard Profile Picture

Waters, Richard

Wendorf Muhamad, Jessica Profile Picture

Wendorf Muhamad, Jessica

Assistant Professor

Westmoreland, Jennifer Profile Picture

Westmoreland, Jennifer

Teaching Faculty I, Clinical Instructor

Windsor, Kelly Profile Picture

Windsor, Kelly

Data Analyst and Site Coordinator (EPIC Project)

Wood, Carla Profile Picture

Wood, Carla

Professor, School Director

Xie, Zilong Profile Picture

Xie, Zilong

Assistant Professor

Yeargan, Jamie Profile Picture

Yeargan, Jamie

Academic Program Specialist

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