ATTENTION Osceola County Sheriff office Florida employees!!!

No matter what you do or what part of the sheriff’s office you work in I know you have dirt on the countless corrupt individuals that work there around you and if you yourself are corrupt or not corrupt we don’t care we just want the dirt on others. We would like to ask you to post anonymously on our site and leak any and all dirt you have on the sheriff’s office and its corrupt employees.

You can google “free proxy browser” and come to this sites inside of another site browsing inside there site and nobody even knew you were here including us.

Hey Sheriff Marcos Lopez you like making those attention seeking videos everyday on Tiktok like a little girl looking for attention, so you want to be famous right?


Hey Lopez here is what a real man looks like not a 4’11 baby carrot tough guy only with a badge.

Signed, Your biggest fan

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