Corrupt child abusing judge Holly N Derenthal of Osceola county needs to be put in prison for life proof inside

I hate this narcissist W %$ re more than any women on the planet and Donald is right she is a real bitch and that’s why I divorced her! She use to suck at sucking and was really good for nothing at all other than bitching a lot and arguing as lawyers and women are experts at but not good for our marriage.

This is Leaked shocking motions just filed exposing the level of corruption of Osceola County Judge Holly N Derenthal of the Kissimmee Florida courthouse and countless other scumbag compulsive lying leftist child abusing FEMALES in Osceola county including the Osceola county sheriff’s office and sheriff Marcos Lopez. Yea Sheriff Lopez is not a real man and is a bitch! But most importantly that #unt wife of mine!

Holly N Derenthal is a corrupt judge that needs to be locked in a prison cell


Judge Holly N Derenthal is a bitter man hating criminal


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