DERENTHAL CRIME FAMILY PAYBACK – The corrupt family business EXPOSED Michael Derenthal AND MANY MORE

So this picture was from 2012 when the happy Derenthal family had a life of there own, happy family, a profitable family business and much more but greedy stupid worthless whore Holly N Derenthal ruined it all being the narcissist stupid worthless whore that she is and forced Michael Derenthal to file for divorce on 10/07/2020. If you look closely at the photo they had and which now forwards to but what is Cook? Could that be Holly’s last name before she got married? Who knows?

Anyways I did some research and those websites are also hosted on IP addresses and and if you do a reverse DNS lookup on the main server you also find a ton of other real estate websites on there server but whats interesting is you also find that the famous child rape fantasy website NAMBLA

AND a website to buy illegal drugs.

More digging and I found that Michael/Holly Derenthal of Orlando Florida has a moderator account on the forum. Could it be that these two sickos are into drugs and are kid rape? Sure seems that way!

Oh by the way Anna Lane Derenthal Florida State University students are spreading this all over campus LOL. I hear someone is now passing out flyers on campus HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Now that I got phone numbers, addresses and IP’s I have much more to come so stay tuned but for now since and Michael Derenthal Keller Williams is a family business and still a marital assist that Holly is profiting off run over to google and make a mess of both names and all search terms you can find HEHEHEHHEHEHE

For those of you thinking WTF you cant do this to a fucking judge and her family I say this I bet you thought the SUV would win vs a bull right? COME AT ME HOE!

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