EVIDENCE PROOF of Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez criminal crimes

So for those of you that don’t know Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez not only likes to cover crimes of Child Abuse but criminal crimes of countless others. This is an email chain between Donald Seoane that is publicly calling him out everywhere on his crimes and coverups of crimes from countless people abusing his children 4 and 6 years old for 2 years now including fellow corrupt pig women beating child abuser Federal Agent US Customs and Border Patrol Noel Aaron Marquis. This is the Detective he assigned to the case to try and turn things on Donald that refuses to do a proper investigation and or make arrest even though he has been given all the evidence. POOF BELOW:


As I have explained numerous times and you refuse to understand and assist with this case. You must come into the office for me to determine the facts of this investigation dealing with judges, attorneys, suspects and any other involved party. If you refuse to come in and assist with this case, it will be closed as you, the victim has refused to assist and move forward. Therefore, the case will be closed based on your refusing to cooperate with investigation. If you wish have your attorney reach out to me and schedule a date and time. If I have not heard back in ref to a scheduling by Friday, Nov 10, your case will be closed.

On Wed, Oct 25, 2023 at 11:09 AM Traveling RV style <@gmail.com> wrote:

Been 4 days now ignored and I am still waiting for a reply and documenting here this is clearly discrimination and a violation of my constitutional rights and everyone’s Oath! I await responses and actions to be taken.

Thanks, Donald Seoane

On Tue, Oct 24, 2023 at 6:39 AM Traveling RV style <@gmail.com> wrote:

Good Morning,

While my two children are STILL in grave danger and being abused and I am STILL waiting for a reply to my last two emails I wanted to send you this updated information and new additional evidence all of which is being turned over including this email to the media and social media influencers . The visitation center and monitor that witnessed the child disclose the abuse two days ago has put his report on my divorce case record yesterday and I have attached a couple documents you should read and take legal action on immediately or you all yourselves will be in violation of several felonies yourselves also listed in documents attached. See JQC complaint 4 for visitation center reports! Also if I dont get a reply today I will be filing criminal complaints against all deputies covering this up including the WOMEN if that’s even what you call it that was at my fiance’s house two nights ago I have on video claiming she would investigate it and then called back to say she didnt investigate the drug use around my kids at all. I await removal of my children from the abuse and some answers here PLEASE???

Thanks, Donald Seoane

Next emails:

Mr, Justin Adkins,

WOW WHAT A BLATANT CORRUPT COVERUP WAY TO RESPOND!!! I am not shocked though as I bet your corrupt boss Sheriff Marcos Lopez has his hand right up your ass cause you know he has your nuts and job and pension in his pants. I know him and everyone I have filed a sworn criminal complaint against and sued ALL want me in jail and or DEAD. The public knows it now also. This email will be made very public also.

1. If you close the case and refuse to investigate this on email and with all I have given you it’s just more misconduct from the sheriff’s office and a crime which soon enough I am going to have a lot of money coming my way to hold each person legally accountable in a court of law and it’s coming bet your ass. With that said I will get with my attorney but I find it amazing that you claim you have nothing to investigate that’s new and claim Det clouchette already investigated it when I gave you everything and no she didnt investigate these things. The only thing she was a part of was my wife twerking naked infront of the children which at this point she is involved of the cover up of SHALYN SOMERS GILBERT the forensic interviewer committing felony perjury on the stand in the courtroom claiming my son never told her that mom was dancing naked infront of the children and the judge knew she was lying and allowed it even after I said she was lying and they all hide the CPT video tapes. You said you got the videos so why are you not arresting her for a sworm of felonies right now including perjury, violation of oath of office, conspiracy and more? Proof here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4ZrAJ5vhLc

2. My wife committed perjury at the criminal trial after she had me arrested and even admitted to committing perjury to get her fraudulent injunction after her, and crackhead Michelle Gilliam and federal agent Noel conspired to have me put in prison. She made false statements to police and on and on and on. Also my daughter and me testified to it was her hitting me and I had to restrain her. So why is my wife not being arrested for a sworm of felonys right now including domestic violence like I was? Here are just a few you can charge her with right now:

1. It is a felony in the third degree under Florida Statute Section 837.021(1) to make two or more material statements in official proceedings under oath which contradict each other. Perjury by contradictory statements under Florida Statute Section 837.021(2) is a second-degree felony., 

2. Under Florida Statute 787.02, the crime of False Imprisonment,, 

3. False reports to law enforcement authorities. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), whoever knowingly gives false information to any law enforcement officer concerning the alleged commission of any crime, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.,

4. Under Florida Statute Section 777.04(3), a “person who agrees, conspires, combines, or confederates with another person or persons to commit any offense commits the offense of criminal conspiracy.

and many more I can go on and on but this is your job to uncover the crimes with all I have given you and find and charge the crimes why am I having to do your job for you Mr, 19 years in law enforcement? I gave you the criminal trial audio and transcript so what’s the problem? Oh I know law enforcement wont do anything but railroad me and cover everyones crimes against me because my whore wifes federal agent live in boyfriend Noel Aaron Marquis. You think I am stupid and I dont know what’s been going on for two years now? Oh yea why are you not arresting him for beating  my son that my son has two bruises on his back from? Yea we know. Sooner or later I will get my kids back and get them straight into counseling on video and when I do it’s going to be child endangerment charges on EVERYONE for all this fraud and coverups. The mental damage you all are causing my children will be criminally charged and many lawsuits will be filed. These are my children and I love them and won’t stand quiet anymore.

As stated in my criminal sworn complaints there are a load of people that should be felony charged for a swarm of charges including judges, DCF officers, police and you guys have it all and are doing nothing but threatening me to close the case claiming im not cooperating when im right here on email cooperating any time and day more than any assistance I might give just coming in one time for a interview. If and when my lawyer tells me to come in I will bring my own video equipment and make a total fool out of everyone cause I’m not stupid enough to answer any incriminating questions like you think. I will be blunt Trump style tell you like it is and ONLY discuss the crimes these people have committed and thats if and when my lawyer tells me to come in.

How about Jessice Scott the CPI DCF investigator that committed perjury on her sworn affidavit to defame me with total blatant provable lies to the judges and assistant in fraudulently removing my kids all because she is a BLACK lesbian dresses like a man and hates men Misandrist.You claim it’s all been investigated and you dont know what to investigate because if that is true then you all are as always just covering up all the crimes and the in your face evidence of it like I have shown you not only in this email but many other emails as well as detailed in my 800 page federal lawsuit. Oh yea what about Michelle Gilliam the drug trafficker across the street that they keep leaving my kids with that keeps smoking drugs in the same room with my children as documented by the visitation center monitor 2 weeks ago came out of my sons mouth AGAIN and what happens? You know the women you guys years ago arrested for 3 drug charges and CHILD NEGLECT and had DCF take her kids away, yea her! You know the women that colluded with my wife and Noel to have me falsely arrested and called 911 for my false arrest. yea her, you know the BLACK crackhead in the crackhouse that BLACK DCF officers, Jessica Scott, Kendra Jenkins and Sharlene Henry left my kids in her crackhouse being abused for 3 days and then lied and said they background checked her. Yea thats another charge of felony child endangerment for 3 more people you should criminally charge. Then corrupt man hating judge Holly N Derenthal instructs her corrupt buddy at the visitation center the 400lb 3 mask wearing libtard man hater Cristina Borrero to remove me from the visitation center and cancel my visits with the children and just not allow me visits so I cant uncover and have the abuse documented anymore. Oh yea and they did the same to a 85% disabled war vet with a service dog that week that i’m going to be a witness to in their federal case against everyone they are also drawing up.That visitation center full of ALL man hating WOMEN is a corrupt scam to railraod me and give female man hating judges reason to pull custody and order more child support and alimony DUUUUUU. The disabled war vet has corrupt judge Holly Derenthal thats close friends with racist man hater judge Christy Collins also that are both being instructed by corrupt chief judge Lisa T Munyon, You know the team of judges with pussies between their legs that are involved in a sex scandal at that courthouse detail in my new buddies book here http://www.donaldseoane.com/uncategorized/chief-judge-lisa-t-munyon-osceola-county-florida-the-corrupt-criminals-abusing-my-children-and-banging-my-wife/ that was a 30 year top employee and tech guru. Yea its going be bad when me and him put our tech skills, autherand publisher book skills and media connection together to expose all the crimes you all are comitting.

Its sad the level of corruption in the system and I have ALL the proof of it and so do you and thats why you wont do this on email because you cant dispute it or mind fuck me inergating me with two detectives with special training.

If you think I am refusing to help with a criminal investigation by law you are to arrest me for that? Am I correct?  I forgot the Florida statute on that one but I beg you please do so I can get infront of a jury again with another not guilty and have more lawsuits. At some point all the corrupt charters behind this mess will have to bow down and realize they were all wrong and taking those kids away from a good loving caring father that was taking great care of them everyday will not win with me because in the end EVERYONE is just digging their legal hole deeper and deeper and deeper as it’s all getting documented. Read this email when it goes on thousands of websites.

Here is a Youtube channel of the life I provided for my wife and kids you should check out before you join the Donny Long hater ban wagon https://www.youtube.com/@ShareUsfam You should really look at each video. My wife is not that person anymore. I provided her and my children with EVERYTHING from disney and all their parks and water parks annual passes, sea world and all their parks and water park annual passes , Universal Stuidos and all their parks and water parks annual passes , Kenedy space center annual passes , I mean every park in central florida and that’s all they did all the time is fun fun fun, state parks every other day and BBQ’s and tubing and on and on. AND even after that compulsive lying for Thai Bhudda worthless cheating whore wife of mine stabbed me and the kids in the back and had me falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned I STILL rebuilt a perfect life for my kids and had them here with their sister my full custody 12 year old daughter and their baby brother and my fiance and was taking them to the very high end charter school I drive my daughter to everyday and then taking them to do fun things together everyday till all these scumbag corrupt POS WOMEN and homos like Noel around my wife committed all these crimes and ruined there lives and been railroading me. 

Its ok though because they have ALL went WAY over and beyond not only breaking the law but the countless outrageous things they have all done OVER AND OVER AND OVER and now its all going to be made public into a book and im going to 20/20, nightline and thousands more media organations. Sooner or later hopefully each and every corrupt scumbag involved in this felony conspiracy against me and took my children away and are keeping them in that abusive dangerous situation with the federal agent worthless SIMP pig Noel Aaron Marquis and that worthless Thai whore all of you get fired and put in jail. 

So why dont you now go arrest my wife for all her crimes so she can be deported back to whoreland aka Thailand where she abandoned her first daughter there ten years ago and not seen her since.Yea what a great mother she is! Thats where that worthless scumbag belongs. SHE IS NOT A MOTHER SO WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP TRYING TO MAKE HER ONE! I had to be on top of that lazy piece of shit everyday to do simple things like wake up and feed the kids, every week ask her to call her daughter in Thailand, Every month send money to her poor starving family and on and on and on. I’m done here till you guys want to stop being corrupt and do your jobs, you have all the evidence and sworn complaints from me and if you dont believe them then come arrest me for making false statements so I can prove infront of a jury who is really covering up my factual statements about everyone’s crimes. Oh wait you wont and cant because im telling the truth and all the evidence is there and it will backfire in a jury trial. 

So PLEASE I BEG YOU FOR MY CHILDREN, DO YOUR JOB AND GO ARREST MY WIFE AND OTHERS AND GET MY KIDS OUT OF DANGER AROUND THAT LOOSE CANNON FEDERAL PIG. YOU SHOULD TALK TO THE GROVE COUNTY PD AND THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE OVER THERE ABOUT ALL THE CALLS THEY HAVE GOT FROM NOEL AARON MARQUIS HOUSE. Look into this case “230130375 SUICIDAL THOUGH LCSO 19:32:58 10/29/2023 NR 425 KESTREL DR” and others. Noel is a women abusing, child abusing punk ass bitch just ask his wife Grecitaor, talk to her lawyer or anyone in that office for that matter. She is terrified of him and that’s why she is not coming forward. You guys are going to wait till this loose cannon kills my kids and her and himself or what? He is already beating my kids and you guys keep covering it up. That brings me the video I have of my son telling my neighbor two months ago how Noel punches him in the lower back and the child counselor reports going back two years detailing him talking about this in sessions and also the two sworn statements from neighbor and counselor about it and NOW MY SON HAS TWO LARGE BRUISES ON HIS BACK. WHY ARE YOU NOT ARRESTING NOEL? SICKENING! 

Anyways I will send this to all my buddies in the media and social media to post and I am STILL awaiting lawenforcement to do thier jobs and do a poper investigation here and make arrest which clearly you just want to get me into your office and try and mind fuck me till I admit to something you can charge me on which is not going to work. My lawyer may reach out to you, I’m waiting to hear back from him but at this point if you close a criminal case that I am here on email more than willing to work with you on and provide you any and all more evidence you need to make an arrest then you are just committing crimes yourself. I await a response.

Thanks, Don

Next Email:

Mr, Atkins another day now waiting a response to my questions in my emails including my last email yesterday and to answers why arrest are not being made and my 4 and 5 year old are STILL Around that Thai drug addicted worthless child abusing hooked of mine and her child abusing federal agent fanboi John scumbag Noel Aaron Marquis and crackhead drug trafficker Michelle Gilliam. What about all these peoples perjury including my wifes and false statements to police? And on and on and on. I await your response?

Thanks, Don

Next Email:

Mr, Atkins

Its been 5 days since I heard from you about this criminal investigation that you are supposed to be working on against several people that have committed countless felonies connected to the corrupt POS criminal child abuser that is Noel Aaron Marquis including my wife and you have ignored me for 5 days now. I need to know before I file my next federal lawsuit against the sheriffs office and many of you if you reviewed the CPT video tapes and if my son says on the taps that mom was dancing naked shaking her butt making videos in front of the children as I have on video detective Suzanne Ellis Clouchete saying my son said to the forensic interviewer SHALYN SOMERS GILBERT.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4ZrAJ5vhLcIf you are refusing to answer me and help investigate these crimes properly with all my other claims of facts of crimes countless people have committed including my wifes perjury she admitted to infront of a jury at my criminal trial where she had me falsely arrested then I assume you are just willing to commit felonies yourself such as violation of oath of office, official misconduct and many more all to hide and cover up the crimes of all these corrupt criminal individuals including the federal police officer that is above you that more than likely you are scared of Noel Aaron Marquis.Its been now almost a month since my criminal complaints against Noel for abusing my son and causing the two large bruises on his back from him punching him in the back as well as crackhead Michelle Gilliam across the street smoking drugs in the same room around them AGAIN as detailed from the visitation center monitor and on court record and STILL my 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son are STILL in that abusive situation. I await your response ASAP and all of this is being made VERY public.I will NOT stop fighting for legal justice and my children to be removed from the abuse and danger you all currently have them in and keep covering up. If you have children I am sure you would do the same and feel the same so please understand me. Your boss elected sheriff Marcos Lopez is a POS and I know you are doing what he tells you to do and he has you covering all this up yet AGAIN but when it all hits the media and lawsuits you are the one going to be held legally accountable so please think harder about sweeping this under the rug for corrupt sheriff Lopez.
Thanks, Donald

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