LEAKED SHERIFF VIDEO: PROOF Federal Agent Noel Aaron Marquis is a criminal abuser Part 2

Father drives daughter to suicide, yes this women beating child abuser is this messed up in the head!  The Orlando Customs and Border Patrol federal agent Noel Aaron Marquis of 425 Kestrel Dr Groveland, FL 34736 that was cheating on his Filipina wife and mother other his 3 children with my illegal Thai immigrant drug addicted adult movie star child abuser lying cheating prostitute wife and he was paying her for sexual favors through Onlyfans and needs to be locked in prison once and for all for life.

Here is Grecita Gaylon Marquis having to call 911 for her daughter Christine Marquis threatening to kill herself with knives because Christine’s father is a lying cheating abuser.

This is the federal agent that has colluded with the corrupt Osceola county sheriff Marcos Lopez, Corrupt judges Holly N Derenthal, corrupt judge Christy C Collins and Chief corrupt judge Lisa T Munyon and countless others in DCF, CPT, lawyers and more.

He has been beating my son leaving him injuries for 2 years now and also physically, sexually and mentally abuse him and my 4 year old daughter for 2 years now and everyone has covered it up for this scumbag.

See video!


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