LEAKED SHERIFF VIDEO: PROOF Federal Agent Noel Aaron Marquis is a criminal abuser Part 3

In this video Noel Aaron Marquis Mr women beating child abuser pervert federal agent for Orlando Customs and Border Patrol makes his batter abused wife Grecita Gaylon Marquis sleep in a separate room while he bangs my wife that living in his wifes bedroom And then comes into his wifes other room in the house where she is taking care of the kids and tries to get her to come and have sex with him and he has sex with my wife and she wants to be left alone and has to call police and then he drives off with her child and my 2 children and my wife.

This is what corrupt scumbag judge Holly N Derenthal and her good friends lawyer Jennifer Jane Watson and Sara Vance put women and children with!

Youtube Transcript!

0:00 F try to take with her old signal 39 in

0:04 a black

0:08 explorer can you uh where you

0:28 at 144 to

0:31 32 thanks for stopping by if you’d like

0:34 to leave a message you can do it

0:36 now

0:47 132 14 I’m trying to

0:57 make

0:58 hello

1:03 hi they just

1:05 left okay um so what’s going on

1:08 today

1:10 like my uh my daughter so with them okay

1:15 go to my house I’m sorry we

1:19 have oh they already left okay um so

1:23 youall are going through a divorce we

1:25 are okay um is there any custody

1:29 agreement

1:30 place okay and he’s the father of them

1:33 okay okay so there’s not much we can do

1:37 and so you get a custody

1:40 agreement 144 to

1:42 132 he just left in a black explorer but

1:45 she’s advising there’s no custody

1:46 agreement in place Benny is the father

1:50 he’s watching us we have we have we have

1:54 yeah we do have um yeah that one right

1:57 there what’s your name

2:06 what I’m

2:08 sorry sometimes when adults get upset

2:10 they

2:12 yell but we we got to remember that

2:14 mommy and daddy love you right you

2:17 sometimes we get upset and we we do not

2:21 so nice things as adults so I’m sorry

2:24 you’re having a bad

2:27 day do you have your ideas

2:30 on

2:32 or are you the registered owner of this

2:34 car or is car yeah okay um so nothing

2:39 physical just verbal between you just

2:43 yeah just yelling back and forth okay

2:45 okay and he not supposed to come to my

2:47 bedroom okay yeah well that that’s an

2:49 issue between you and him so um

2:53 but it once you get paperwork in place

2:56 it’s it’s it’s different you know what I

2:59 mean

3:00 we don’t get involved in child C issu

3:02 especi when two parents are involved so

3:04 you have to get something on paper

3:06 before we can get involved as police

3:08 department okay yeah he just told me

3:10 that no yeah you did the post call again

3:15 yeah all right well try and have a

3:17 better day okay

3:21 bye 144 going you have the female house

3:28 information

3:31 26 144 to 132 C

3:38 4

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