LEAKED SHERIFF VIDEO: PROOF Federal Agent Noel Aaron Marquis is a criminal abuser Part 4

Not to worry there are MANY more videos to come but In this new leaked video Department of children and families DCF Groveland Florida call Orlando’s Customs and Border Patrol federal agent Noel Aaron Marquis a “Flying Asshole” TWICE and has to call police for assistance to try and talk to Noel’s kids because the kids had injuries at school and they said Noel was beating them with a wooden spoon and a Hanger.

Noel blocked DCF and police from talking to the children and then dodged them two other days after this and then made the kids say it was their mom hitting them not him.

This women beating child abusing monster has been beating my two children for over two years now and having the corrupt Osceola Sheriff Marcos Lopez, Corrupt DCF Kissimmee, Corrupt judges and many more cover it up for him and my wife and not only there are 4 child counselor reports and sworn affidavits from neighbors and the counselor but also several videos of the children talking about being abused by Noel and their porn star prostitute druggie mother.

This is what currently corrupt judge Holly N Derenthal is covering up and my 4 and 6 year old are being physically, sexually and mentally abused everyday right now because they keep covering for this scumbag federal agent Noel Aaron Marquis!

I wonder what Noel’s boss Commander Mitchell R Kent thinks about all this now? Maybe you guys should email him all these videos!  [email protected]

Youtube transcript

0:01 guys a flying asshole I can see why him

0:03 and his wife are getting horse um the

0:06 this is a another agent’s case I’m just

0:08 helping him out today apparently it came

0:10 in yesterday the kid was telling his

0:12 teacher that he has like marks and

0:14 bruises and stuff from a hanger and a

0:17 wooden spoon and a couple of other

0:18 things I tried to see the kid uh dad

0:22 will not let me in the door which I said

0:24 okay I understand if you don’t want me

0:25 talking to the kid that’s perfectly fine

0:27 however I do need to be able to see the

0:28 child and he still said know shut the

0:30 door in my face oh okay so he knows that

0:33 can escalate into an order to remove to

0:36 where he’ll have no choice yes he

0:38 apparently does know about that but he’s

0:40 still a flying asshole

0:58 okay

1:09 thanks for stopping by if you’d like to

1:11 leave a message you can do it

1:16 now it actually took me calling the soon

1:20 to be

1:21 ex-wife and basically standing on the

1:23 doorstep until he had no choice for him

1:25 to actually answer the

1:28 door

1:32 not gonna lie par kind of hopes that you

1:34 do have to

1:37 read hey how’s it going so it’s my

1:41 understanding Department of Children

1:42 families is here a representative they

1:44 need to see the child for a wellbeing

1:46 check she’s asleep I’ve already told her

1:48 that I’m not going to go wake him up

1:50 she’s also not going to enter my home

1:52 okay well you know this what what can

1:54 circumstances if DS DCF they actually

1:57 have more authority to enter home than I

1:59 do okay get let me let me explain this

2:01 to you what’s going to happen is if they

2:05 have to have an order to remove and

2:06 enter the home it means we kick in the

2:08 door and enter there’s no such thing as

2:09 a warrant when it comes to Department of

2:11 Children and Families okay that’s for me

2:13 that’s my stuff them mostly what they’ll

2:16 do is call us we kick in the door all

2:18 they have to do is see the child make

2:19 sure it’s fed and taken care of that’s

2:20 it m that’s I told you he’s asleep if

2:23 she actually cares about the child’s

2:24 well-being then she’ll leave or schedule

2:26 an appointment to come

2:28 back okay

2:30 well it’s up to

2:32 you as I explained before I do need to

2:34 see the child within 24 hours I’m

2:37 helping out a coworker of M and he was

2:38 here yesterday so it’s already exceeded

2:40 24

2:41 hours the case came in at 3: yesterday

2:44 so it actually

2:45 hasn’t okay then he could come back this

2:47 afternoon when he’s

2:52 awake his siblings are awake right now

2:55 he’s still

2:56 asleep okay so you want to talk to him

3:01 specifically he’s

3:03 asleep he is one that I do need to see

3:06 yes okay well he’s asleep when’s he

3:09 going to wake up probably later this

3:11 afternoon I don’t know I don’t know what

3:13 time he went to bed last

3:15 night I wasn’t here his mother was

3:18 taking care of him

3:22 okay

3:26 okay all righty then well I will at

3:28 least try to come back this

3:30 afternoon okay thank you very much

3:32 officers all

3:39 right 89 G

3:45 6528 Delta Victor 2752 kilo is there any

3:49 way y can just kick in the door right

3:50 now just because

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