LEAKED SHERIFF VIDEO: PROOF Federal Agent Noel Aaron Marquis is a criminal abuser Part 5

In this video this scumbag women abusing child abuser mentions right at the start “Good to see you again to police” after his abused wife Grecita Gaylon Marquis has to call 911 to stop her husband from dragging her out of bed and up the stairs to rape her after Federal agent for Customs and Border Patrol Noel Aaron Marquis was paying to bang my drug addicted porn star prostitute Onlyfans wife in the other room upstairs with Grecita’s money which she caught on their shared bank account.

Noel Aaron Marquis mr women beating child abuser pervert federal agent for Orlando Customs and border Patrol makes his batter abused wife sleep in a separate room while he bangs my wife that’s living in Noel’s wife’s bedroom And like in the other video then comes into his wife’s other room in the house where she is taking care of the kids and tries to get her to come and have sex with him and he has sex with my wife and she wants to be left alone and has to call police and then he drives off with her child and my 2 children and my wife.

Notice at the end of the video how her brags about having a lot of weapons in the house and how he works for Customs and Border patrol!


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