MASSIVE WORLD NEWS: Huge leaks out of Osceola county Kissimmee Orlando Florida

I cant tell you who, how or what or when YET but I will promise you that Osceola county is about to make world news and get sued out of the state LOL.

See this is not the first time I have done this to a group of corrupt scum. AIM HEALTHCARE HINT HINT! SUED AND OUT OF BUSINESS!

Funny thing this leak has to do with EVERYONE and ANYONE that has ever had ANY dealings with judges piece of dog shit corrupt criminal scumbag family court judges Holly Marie Newman Derenthal, Christy C Collins and scumbag chief judge Lisa T Munyon AND all the corrupt lawyers and around that Thai W LOL.

Every single person from every single injunction case and divorce case INCLUDING CHILDREN’S FULL NAMES have all been obtained and already made public all due to Osceola counties mistakes and they are liable. THEY ARE FUCKED TO SAY THE LEAST! A separate Press release will be made about it all soon enough.

Its going to be firing and jail time for soooooo many just like when PWL was launched! Kick the bull get the horns u devil worshiping, gay mafia, homo loving, demonrat, cowardly scumbags!

You want attention? You want to be famous? IM GOING TO MAKE YOU ALL FUCKING FAMOUS!

You messed with the WRONG loving caring father and left him no choices!

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