Michael Derenthal Realty page on Facebook deleted

So after Michael Derenthal got a few comments left on his Facebook page about Noelleaks.com he deleted his Michael Derenthal Realty page see here https://www.facebook.com/derenthalrealty/

Could FloridaLakeFront.com – Mike Derenthal – Michael Derenthal real estate be a total coward running away and going out of business rather than standing up and protecting his family? YUP! At the very least this cowardly mother fucker should put his whore judge Holly Derenthal in check and make the bitch do whats right and follow the law and walk away from this mess that she has created I mean how much more egg can you have on your face and how much more wrong can you be after seeing the proof that federal agent Noel Aaron Marquis that was accused with his hooker druggie girlfriend of being child abusers is in fact a proven women abuser and child abuser in these videos and is also abusing Donald’s kids?

and there are a ton more police bodycam videos that proves this judge Holly N Derenthal is nothing more than a bitter corrupt criminal covering child abuse. Holly is just now staying on this case clearly to railroad Donald and his kids for her kid Anna Lane Derenthal google footprint getting ruined. Speaking of that I need to go copy a bunch of her shit to other sites around the net. Be back later.

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