the future is here for Wikileaks

Unlike Wikileaks is controlled by the public and edited and published by the public. Much like a social media website without all the crazy censorship. This website was created and this name was picked because of a corrupt federal agent named Noel Aaron Marquis of Groveland Florida that works for Customs and Boarder patrol Orlando Florida that’s a criminal and abusing my children and much more.

Noel’s direct supervisor is Customs and border patrol commander Mitchell R Kent if you would like to ask him why he is employing such a criminal monster.

My name is Donald Seoane and me and my families life is in grave danger because of the level of corruption in Osceola county connected to this criminal. You can read more about my story in two federal lawsuits Seoane vs Derenthal and my criminal complaints here and Noel Vs Marquis and now that I have been exposing corrupt criminal child abuser Osceola County elected Sheriff Marcos Lopez and all his corrupt deputies me and my family are being stalked by the sheriff’s office.

I have decided to come forward and expose government corrupt on a whole new level in efforts to protect myself and my children as I am already at serious risk of being murdered or falsely imprisoned for speaking out.

I need the public and the media’s help to get the word out as well as to leak as much proof of government corruption onto this website as humanly possible and FAST.

Soon all the dirt on Osceola county corruption and other government corruption worldwide will be leaked onto this website.

You can officially also thank Noel’s wife Grecita Gaylon Marquis for being a victim of his abuse and refusing to come officially forward after she caught Noel cheating on her with my wife and then filed for divorce in Lake county on him and when I found out I went hired her lawyer and talked to her lawyer and everyone in his office which all confirmed that according to her Noel is a women abuser and child abuser but she is terrified to go to war with him in the legal system as he is a federal agent with a gun and badge and very abusive and scared he will murder her and her children and himself. I have reported this to law enforcement and the courts and its all been covered up. The amount of government corrupt scum include 3 man hating Misandry judges is sick. My son a few weeks ago at the corrupt visitation center had two large bruises on his lower back from Noel punching him in the back and the judges, sheriff and more have corvered it all up. A ton more of this has been going on for 2 years now after this federal agent assisted my wife to have me falsely arrested and Noel has moved into my house, stole all me and my 12 year old full custody daughters belonging, and my custody of my two children I have in common with my wife and has been abusing my kids for two years now and having all these scum in government cover it up for him. Take note my wife is a drug addicted adult movie star and hooker and Noel was caught on his shared back account with his wife making Onlyfans payments to my wife for sexual favors.

I will update this in time but I need to now go work on building this sites structure. There is also a book coming out about all this mess and each and ever corrupt scumbag in this county.

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