OFFER: To the judges daughter that goes to FSU – TMZ should pick this one up!

I have a huge porn company and here in Miami and im friend’s of the site owner here at Donny Long aka Donald Seoane which performed in over 1000 mainstream porn movies in his prime days and I use to hire him to lay pipe 15 years ago!

I am fascinated at how ballsy this Judge Holly N Derenthal is and how she keeps railroading Donny and has illegally done countless things to him including taking 2 of his kids away while he has his other two kids which clearly he is a good dad.

Clearly judge Derenthal is a bitter failed worthless whore that failed at her own marriage and failed her own kids and hates Donny and is jealous of him and is bias against him and should RUN but instead keeps kicking the hornets nest, therefore I will pay the judges 20 year old daughter that goes to Florida State University Anna Lane Derenthal 1 million dollars to come do a adult movie with Donny. Remember all the times adult companies have made offers like this and women have taken them? You never know! Looking up the Derenthal’s addresses they don’t seem to have much money and are not living large and it seems they could use the money! Especially Anna’s dad Michael Derenthal with his failed real estate company FloridaLakeFront in Orlando and working for Keller Williams.

The only catch is Anna Lane Derenthal will need to scream mommies name to help her the entire time while Donny Long Dong pounds away in every hole. “Mommy judge Derenthal it hurts help me!”, Mommy judge Derenthal i’m not going to shi$ right for a month!”, “Mommy Judge Derenthal you caused this and got me thrown out of college so now I have to take it in the poopshoot by Donny Long God for this million dollars!”, You get the picture LOL.

Post what you think and what you would like to see her also say below!

This Offer is real and will be sent around the college for Donny and his fans!

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