Petitions going up all over the net about Anna Lane Derenthal

Corrupt criminal child abuser judge Holly N Derenthal Kissimmee Courthouse daughter Anna Lane Derenthal was caught having an Only Fans account which is a disgrace to our school and other students here at Florida state university in Tallahassee Florida. On top of this she said in class that all gays were child rapist and should die of AIDS.

Is this the kind of image we want for our school? Anna should be expelled from FSU immediately and if not all the Deans and directors should be held accountable all over the net.

A bunch of petitions just went up on a bunch of websites and more are going up about each and every single scumbag in the Derenthal crime family. See here

Here is a list of deans and professors if you would like to let them know how you feel.

Bunz, UllaAssociate Professor, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
[email protected]  UCC 3123

Hinnant, ChrisDirector, School of Information & Associate Professor
[email protected]  258C and LSB 244

Kazmer, MichelleProfessor & Dean
[email protected]  LSB 242A or UCC 4105   (850) 559-2421

Mardis, Marcia A.Professor; Associate Dean for Research
[email protected]  LSB 230   (850) 644-3392

Martin, DanyeleAssistant Dean for Student Affairs
[email protected]  UCC 4100   (850) 644-5774

McDowell, Stephen D.Assistant Provost
John H. Phipps Professor of Communication
[email protected]  Westcott 116 D/ UCC4100   (850) 645-2306

Merle, PatrickAssociate Professor, School Director
[email protected]  UCC 3126   (850) 644-9698

Morris, RichardProfessor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Advancement
[email protected]  CC1 612   (850) 644-8459

Randeree, EbrahimAssociate Dean, Finance & Administration
[email protected]  UCC 4110   (850) 645-5674

Wood, CarlaProfessor, School Director
[email protected]

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