Pulitzer Surprise: Happy Thanks Giving Cristina Borrero of Osceola County Children’s Visitation Program

For those of you that don’t know there is a huge scam organization that is setup by the court to assist in pulling men’s custody rights away and make them pay more child support and alimony. When a wife/mother makes false allegations against a father and or the corrupt judge finds any reason they want to use this tool to pull custody they order men into this program for the father to have supervised visitation with his kids and then they make false allegations against you and say you broke the rules and are a danger to the children.

The THING that runs it is a man hating lesbian pink haired 3 face mask wearing Elephant named Cristina Borrero “the Children’s Visitation Program Coordinator Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida (407) 742-2467 [email protected]
cell 407 508 0309″

She only employs man hating elephant females and man hating black openly gay flaming homosexuals.

Take a look at her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cmborrero

A investigative reporter that’s looking for a Pulitzer surprise should look deep into this because its right in your face!

What they did to Donald Seoane was when the children were disclosing being abused they made false allegations against him and removed his contact with the children to hide the abuse. Dont believe me see this visitation report here


placed on court record on Monday reporting on the children talking about being abused and then on Wednesday they made false allegations and ejected him from the center here


Now this same week they made false allegations against a 75% disabled war vet with a service dog and threw him and his son out for him letting his son hold the dogs leash. He is now going to sue them.

By the way this gender confused elephant is always talking about watch your trigger words bla bla bla and being triggered. These sick mentally ill Alphabet mafia gender confused scum are the last people that should be allowed around children let alone have the power to make false allegations against men and take there kids away.

Take a look at this THING that runs the place and take note she works in the courthouse all week 9 to 5 with all the judges in family court and reads all the motions and sits next to the judges in the courtroom assisting on railroading men and covering abuse of bad mothers.

I am sure this thing will come testify and commit perjury and lie under Oath as she has already done many times I have been told. I have much more of her including video so check back and her wiki page is a masterpiece in progress. One last thing is that we are working on gathering 20 men or more that these scum have done this to and going to file a class action lawsuit against her and the judges and the program.

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