Review of – Mike Derenthal – Michael Derenthal real estate

So I went to see a lake front home listed by Michael Derenthal real estate aka Derenthal Realty aka Mike Derenthal Realtor at Keller Williams aka and he showed me the house with his daughter. His daughter was dressed in a very sexy red dress and very flirtatious. All of a sudden Michael said he needed to go out back in the shed and make an important business call that would take about 20 minutes which was kind of strange. So after he left out back his daughter became very grabby with me and I asked how old she was and stated 20 years old. She said her name was Anna Lane Derenthal and that she went to Florida State University and then started to show me her Onlyfans account and promised me not to tell her dad about it. She claimed she needed to borrow my tool for a video update for her page and wouldnt show my face. Before I knew it she has my eggs deep in her throat and was draining me dry.

When Michael came back into the room he caught us and proceeded to extort me saying him and his daughter were going to call the police and claim I raped her if I didn’t pay him 100 cash. I was so angry but figured 100 for a draining of the eggs wasn’t bad so I paid it.

I didn’t buy the house to say the least. This is my story and review of doing business with Michael Derenthal and the Derenthal real estate family business.

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