Rico Act Jefferson County, TN

Prayer for my stolen daughter and son taken by a narcissist, who done dark🪄 with a secret covenant trying to kill me. The local officials and officers refuse to press the correct charges when her family drove on my property and pull a gun out in front of my children and threaten to blow my brains out in front of children. This family teamed up with the local officials bribe them lie turned a whole community against me. I haven’t seen my son since May due to some evil people, and spirits. Corruption runs deep in south. Please 🙏 for them involving innocent children brainwashing and casting spells of illusion to create fear and chaos. Masons and witches be crazy. Sickening local authorities are so corrupt to allow this behavior All Praise The Most High ✨
More of my story on TikTok IAMJC711

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