VIDEO PROOF Osceola county sheriff Marcos Lopez and his gang members aka deputies are corrupt child abusing criminal scum that belong in prison

So about to be released are tons of videos going back 2 years of Donald’s son after not seeing Donald for weeks and months SEVERAL DIFFERENT TIMES at the police station drop offs and pickups stating that federal agent Noel Arron Marquis is punching him in the lower back and both children saying that mom is twerking in her underwear making videos in front of the children and leaving this in the obese black women’s crackhouse across Michelle Gilliam the street with them smoking drugs in front of them in the same room. Donald’s son was last seen by Donald at the corrupt shame of the Osceola visitation center he was fraudulently ordered into after man hating corrupt judge Holly N Derenthal covered up the mother and Noel’s abuse and claimed Donald had made it up. At this last visitation over a month ago Donald’s son stated he was scared he would get in big trouble if he told the truth and he had two large bruises on his lower back. The Osceola county Sheriff’s were called and they AGAIN covered it up. Then the judge had the visitation center supervisor Cristina Borrero that works in the courthouse everyday tightly with the judges make false accusations against Donald and evicted him from further visits. Since then Donald has not seen his 4 year old daughter that’s also being abused and his 6 year old son.
Since then he got these bodycam videos of Noel Aaron Marquis that prove he is a women beating child abuser and what had the Osceola county sheriff’s done? NOTHING!

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