Who am I

Wouldn’t you like to know. LOL No my name is Donald Seoane aka Donny Long that was very famous for many things i have done not only performing in thousands of straight adult movies but for the pornwikileaks project that made world news and was the 50th most visited website in the world for leaking 15k UNTESTED LGBT adult stars names that were working in the straight TESTED industry.

Now Im a retired loving and caring father of 4 children and full time homemaker and Pro Se lawyer thats fighting the VERY corrupt system for two of my children’s safety and to remove them from the abuse they are currently in with their drug addicted adult movie start OF model hooker mother and her child abusing federal agent boyfriend that moved into my house steeling everything that is mine including my kids! Read all about scumbag Noel Aaron Marquis that will be updated much more very soon. http://www.noelmarquis.com/

Also I have a very long story to tell which will be put into a book very soon so stay tuned.

I have decided to finish what Julian Assange and Donald Trump started and to expose corruption in government and drain the swamp.

See my Florida Federal Lawsuits against the Governor, corrupt Osceola county sheriff Marcos Lopez, 3 state court judges and MANY more at my website Donaldseoane.com

More updates here coming soon