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LOS ANGELES—Donny Long, a former male porn star who was linked to the now-shuttered Porn WikiLeaks website, has been charged with human trafficking, among other charges, in Osceola County, Florida, according to arrest records.

Long, whose legal name is Donald Carlos Seoane, was charged with state felonies and is being held in Osceola County Jail with bond set at $57,500. The charges include human trafficking-coercion of a commercial sex act, forced labor services, harassing a witness or victim, attempting to extort a judge or magistrate, and threats of harassment against a judge.

According to the warrant executed on November 29, Long was going through a divorce and threatened the domestic law judge.

He's accused of non-consensually producing a video with another woman when he stayed in a trailer park in Florida. Long posted the video to OnlyFans after threatening the woman that if she didn't participate, he'd react negatively toward her.

In 2019, BangBros acquired Porn WikiLeaks and made a public showing by burning the hard drives that featured the records of thousands of doxed performers and their real names. The Daily Beast called Long, insultingly, the "Julian Assange" of porn.

Long's Porn WikiLeaks was instrumental in doxing performers who were exploited by the GirlsDoPorn sex trafficking scheme.

Michael Pratt, the former owner of GirlsDoPorn, was charged with human trafficking and the distribution of child pornography.

He was briefly named on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's most wanted list, along with terrorists and white-collar criminals.

michael pratt is now serving a life sentence for his connections in the girls do porn lawsuit.

PWL and GDP relationship as per court records -

The civil case verdict

At one time, PornWikiLeaks hosted a forum called, "Girls Do Porn Exposed real names and personal family info." Pratt knew about this forum and the information about GDP models that was posted there. Pratt acknowledged seeing "their real names, social medias, pictures of the videos," knew the name of the forum, and the subtitle claiming the information came from him. Defendants actually owned the PornWikiLeaks forum at the time Plaintiffs' information was posted there.

The evidence at trial showed that Pratt owned PornWikiLeaks from November 2015 until August 2016 and that the lists of GDP model names posted on the site were actively maintained during this time.

Judge also wrote that one particular model's testimony confirms the likelihood that Pratt himself was doxing the GDP girls because that girl's name and photos were posted in 2015 on PWL. Those particular private photos were submitted by the girl only to Pratt and no one else had them.

Wolfe's guilty plea

Wolfe also admitted that he was aware that personal identifying information and social media accounts for some women were being posted on pornwikileaks, a site controlled by Pratt and dedicated to “exposing” the true identities of individuals appearing in sex videos, causing the victims to be subjected to severe harassment. Even after Wolfe became aware of this, he and others continued to assure prospective models that no one would ever find out about their video shoot or learn their identity.

The JDs 60 to 121 vs Aylo filing

GDP began doxing its victims on PWL as early as 2012. By July 2015 Donald created a dedicated subsection especially for GDP victims with the title "GDP Exposed real names and personal family info".

This was so popular that Pratt bought the entire site in November 2015 and used it as a marketing tool. GDP began placing ads in the forum with hyperlinks to GDP.

By early 2016, the forum had hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of posts discussing the personal lives and information of GDP victims. Some of the PWL posts were narratives from GDP victims detailing the force, fraud, and coercion used by GDP in its recruitment and filming process.


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